Kokopo market declared as healthy marketplace

​The Kokopo main market in East New Britain has been declared as the first ‘model healthy marketplace’ in Papua New Guinea.

The declaration is based on the World Health Organization's (WHO) and National Department of Health's (NDoH) Healthy Island Concept (HIC).

WHO Representative Nola N'drewei said Kokopo market is currently modelled as a healthy marketplace after fulfilling several HIC standards.

The standards include water and sanitation, waste management, and general layouts and operations of the market.

She lauded the ENB provincial market authority for the careful management of market infrastructure and the overall layout of the market.

“Kokopo market, has been the model market for so long. People from abroad and within enjoys coming here because of the proper set up and well managed market.

“When you walk in, you know where to go which makes it convenient for both vendors and buyers,” she said.

People still admire the market and the city, she said, despite security concerns.

Healthy marketplace is one of the several geographical settings of the HIC.

The concept of 'Healthy Islands' was developed in 1995 during the first Pacific Health Ministers Meeting on Yanuca Island, Fiji.

The market declaration follows a weeklong training at the Gazelle International Hotel for environmental health officials and provincial market managers.

According to Rose Kavanamur, the environmental health manager at NDoH, the training has given market managers and EHOs the tools they need to look at methods to enhance the market setups in their respective provinces.

“I commend the ENBPMA for a job well done in ensuring that public health is upheld at the market,” he said.

Meanwhile, Leonard Maing, chairman of the ENB provincial executive council's Community Development Committee, stated that the province is pleased to take on the responsibility of maintaining the market's image.

He was speaking on behalf of the ENB Governor Michael Marum, who is on official duty.

“We've come a long way in establishing ourselves as the country's first model market,” he said.

Mr Maing urged the citizens of the four districts of ENB to respect the operations of the four main markets regulated under the ENB provincial market authority.

“Let’s keep on maintaining basic hygiene in the marketplace and follow the regulations being put up by the authorities,” he said.

He further commended NDoH and WHO for facilitating the training as well declaring the Kokopo market as the first model healthy marketplace in the country.

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