Koiari Landowners Assure City Residents

The Koiari and Rouna landowners have assured Port Moresby residents that there will be no more threats of water or power shut down as long as the government supports them with funding for education.

This was stated by Babea Toina, chairman of the Koiari landowner Group RODCO Development Limited.

He gave this guarantee to those present at the presentation of a K290, 000 cheque funded by the government to the Mapex Training Institute for school fees for 56 Koiari students studying there.

Toina said, “After 21 years as chairman of the Rouna Incorporated Land Group and now RODCO Development Limited, I have assessed the situation and have decided that it is not good to make the state and Moresby city residents to suffer.”

Mr Toina said he made a submission to the government to release development funding to the group and he highlighted this to his people.

“This statement must be very clear to the people back home. This funding is not a land compensation. We received this development package a few weeks ago.

“I promise as I stand in front of you that there will be no shutting down of water or power. The government must also play its part and fund the education of our future generation,” Toina promised.

He thanked the government for the funding and said they hope to receive further funding next year to continue paying for their children’s school fees.

Melissa Wokasup