Kairuku-Hiri wants erroneous payment rectified

Kairuku-Hiri District has yet to get back its K1.95 million of DSIP funding that was erroneously paid to the Komo-Margarima District Treasury account on January 4th, 2016.

The concern surfaced in parliament this week and Finance Minister Charles Abel was asked to clarify exactly when it will be fixed.

Local Kairuku-Hiri MP Peter Isoaimo said the issue of the K1.95 million DSIP funding was first raised with former Prime Minister James Marape, when he was still Finance Minister.

Isoaimo said: “When I first raised the issue with Prime Minister James Marape who was Finance Minister then, he said he would rectify. I was also asked to prepare documentation on the issue and submit to his office to assist with reimbursement. After 6 months of countless briefs, letters and submissions, we have yet to see a single toea.”

He asked the Finance Minister as to when that money can be given.

Minister Abel said he will look into the matter.

“I want to say again that we’ve not starved any district of funds, and there is no attempt to withhold any money to the country either. I will give a feedback on the floor of parliament next week.”

The matters that the Minister made reference to, include a cheque number 062667 amounting to K2 million as DSIP funding for Kairuku-Hiri, which Isoaimo said was discovered while trying to sort the erroneous payment of the K1.95 million.

He said cheque number 062667 was given priority clearance by the Department of Finance for disbursement on 30th October 2018, but could not be located.

“Please give us back the K1.95 million and the K2 million that’s also ours,” the Kairuku-Hiri MP said.

Meantime, Governor for Oro Gary Juffa asked the Finance Minister to also look into the K5 million for natural disaster in the province, which was promised by the former O’Neill government.

Governor Juffa said: “Only K2 million was given. We need the money to build our Provincial Disaster Centre.”


Salome Vincent