Juffa Visits Biru Gaol

Papua New Guinea has celebrated the 46th Independence for the first time without the founding father of the nation, Sir Michael Thomas Somare.

Oro Governor Gary Juffa made these remarks at Biru Gaol outside Popondetta on Independence Day, recently.

“We pay tribute to our fathers and forefathers for bringing us this far and it’s now time for us to take lead and move this nation forward to prosperity despite the challenges.

“We must reflect on the last 46 years and we must look at how we can continue to improve as individuals, province and nation and contribute meaningfully to the rest of the world,” he said.

Governor Juffa has commanded the rehabilitation work done at the Biru CIS centre and committed K500,000 to help prisoners come and contribute to society.

“We want to encourage this program and we want you to give back to society and resettle and give back to those people and community you have offended,” he said.

Governor Juffa told them to learn how to become a normal citizen again and reflect on how to make up for the lost time spent in jail.

“I thank the Gaol commander for taking the initiative to provide the rehabilitation program and those that have assisted,” he said.

Governor Juffa said some of the funds would be allocated for agricultural development where prisoners can go into farming after they are released from prison.

SME will also take some component of the funds so women who leave prison can get training from SME leaders and go into small businesses to become normal and better citizens.

He also thanked the Churches, women and youth leaders for playing a major role in rehabilitating prisoners in the communities after they have served serve time.

He also acknowledged the longest live string band in PNG and Oro, the Hornets of Asisi for their amazing voice since the 1960s and the CS band for mesmerizing the crowd during the 46th Independence celebrations in Oro.

“After 46 years of self-government, PNG should be in a better position to lead the nation to prosperity.

“We have all the ingredients to become an economically sustainable nation in the world. We need strong leadership both at the political and bureaucratic levels with honest and responsible characteristics.”

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