Judge leaders through deeds, not social media posts: PM

Prime Minister Peter O’Neill is calling on people in the country to assess leaders through their deeds and not what they say or post on social media.

He made this remark recently in Enga when signing the decentralisation of powers to the Enga Provincial Government.

O’Neill said Enga has quality leaders that will strengthen and embrace the work of autonomy in the province. 

“Work together and support the leaders rather than listening to petty politics on Facebook,” stated the PM.

He reiterated that for the last six years, the Government has been funding the districts and provinces through the DSIP and PSIP funds but people continue to complain.

“Our Government has been delivering services to the people for the past six years and will continue to do so.”

The decentralisation of powers in Enga is different from the two provinces in the New Guinea Islands region, which are New Ireland and East New Britain.

Meantime, O’Neill also called on critics on social media to have factual evidence with them before posting statements.

He added that the Government is trying its best to bring services to the people but are always talked down by critics on social media.


Freddy Mou