Human trafficking trial underway

A trial involving the alleged human trafficking of 10 Motuans in 2015 by a Chimbu businessman is underway in the National Court.

The trial, presided by Justice Panuel Mogish, saw the fourth state witness take the stand today.

Businessman Willie Gare of Gumine, Chimbu Province, is standing at the National Court for six counts of human trafficking, one count of aggravated human trafficking and one count of rape. 

Gare who has pleaded not guilty to all the charges was allegedly involved in the recruitment and transportation of two boys and eight girls from Lealea and Boera villages, to Kundiawa on 30 July 2015, to perform at the opening of a lodge on 14 August, 2015.

Whilst in Kundiawa, they were allegedly used by the accused to entertain guests until August 25, 2015, when they managed to escape from the lodge.

They were taken to Kerowagi Police Barracks where police and IOM assisted to send them back to Port Moresby.

The fourth state witness took the stand today to give her evidence against Gare.

The witness was allegedly raped by the accused on August 25th before they escaped from the lodge.

The trial continues in the National Court.

(Willie Gare filepic)

Sally Pokiton