Hardest part is gathering evidence: Internal Affairs

The Director for Internal Affairs, Robert Ali said police are trying to establish what happened during the recent Hanuabada police raid that resulted in damages caused to properties.

Ali said they had managed to get information from witnesses who were present during the incident that implicated some police officers.

“We’ve also interviewed some of the officers who were believed to be involved in the incident.”

Ali says other than that, they are still trying to assess the information they have collected to confirm the identities of the policemen.

He adds that although it is easier to identify people, the hardest part of it is gathering evidence which will be able to withstand judicial scrutiny when tested in court.

“It’s not about identifying and stating that they are the ones, but we need to follow through and ensure that we maintain the credibility of evidence all the way into court.”

According to witness claims, five officers; 3 in police uniform and another 2 in civilian fired shots, destroyed stalls and markets belonging to vendors on the morning of October 10th during a raid on a roadside market along Hanuabada Village.

Shaken by the incident, villagers could not comment on the reason behind the incident.

NCD/Central Commander, Assistant Commissioner Sylvester Kalaut said the Constabulary will not tolerate such abuses and will continue with their effort to detect, charge and discipline members who are implicated or are in breach of the Constabulary Standing Orders.

Investigations are still ongoing.

Annette Kora