Governor-General elect wants to be a people man

Governor-General elect Bob Dadae has sworn to maintain the integrity and dignity of the vice-regal office.

Dadae made this comment in Parliament on Thursday, in his last Parliament sitting as an elected Member of Parliament.

He was serving as the MP for Kabwum of Morobe Province when Parliament gave him the mandate ahead of Edward Ranu Diro and Timothy Bonga on Wednesday.    

Dadae thanked the people of Kabwum for giving him the mandate to serve them in the last 15 years.

“It’s not by chance of mistake but the mandate is because of the experience I have.

“Thanks you Kabwum people for giving me the mandate to represent them, and also my wife and children, especially my wife who cook, feed, and brought up our children, and always support me in my work.

“I want to assure this parliament and people of Papua New Guinea; I will truly serve the Queen of the Commonwealth and the Independent State of Papua New Guinea. 

“Office the Governor-General must maintain the integrity and dignity, respect for the Constitution, system of governance; I will always get advice from NEC before putting my signature.”

The Governor-General elect said he wants to change the public perception of the vice regal office.  

Dadae said he will embark on visiting and staying with people in rural areas of the country and involve more in charity work to support the vulnerable people. 

Dadae in his three terms of Parliament occupied the positions of; Deputy Speaker, Minister for Defence, Chairman of Constitutional law, Acts and Subornation Legislations, Chairman of Works Committee, Deputy Chairman for Public Accounts Committee, and Committee Member of Private Business Committee.

Picture by Cedric Patjole.



Charles Yapumi