Governor concerned with college appointments

The Simbu Governor is concerned that administrative appointments involving the province’s only teachers’ college are being done outside the knowledge and involvement of his office, and the Simbu Provincial Administration.

Governor Michael Bogai Dua told media recently of his dissatisfaction over the appointment of the principal for Simbu Teachers College, and before that, the setup of its board of governors.

He said these appointments were an abuse of the Education Act where it says the agency, in this case the provincial government, has the power to nominate principals and deputies and a chair of the governing council.

The Simbu Governor said it is a manipulation of a government institution and is not in the best interest of the people of Simbu.

“So Education Department is at fault as far as I know. Some changes have to be done. They have to accommodate our input in running the college with me as Governor, who is head of the agency (Simbu Provincial Government),” Bogai Dua said.

The Governor said the appointments were made in Port Moresby, bypassing protocol to get things in place.

He stressed that Simbu Teachers College is the province’s only tertiary institution and must be protected and managed well.

“Simbu is a small province, very rugged and we only depend on human resource.

“So whatever little is there, we want to manage that properly so that maximum benefit goes to the people,” he said.

Bogai Dua stated that at the moment, nothing much is happening at the college unless the two respective departments entertain his government’s input.

“…and the school has been running down and at this point in time, I believe the college is very low in performance.”

The governor said he wants to put everything in perspective by ensuring Simbu’s vital resources are not being used as ‘milking cows’.

(Governor Michael Bogai Dua)

Salome Vincent