Finance Department committed to progress

The Finance Department is committed to making major progress this year with the country’s expenditure.

Department Secretary, Dr Ken Ngangan, said Finance will now move away from cheque writing to more oversight and monitoring of how public funds are being managed.

According to Dr Nganan, the Finance Department will step up on its monitoring role, checking how money is being spent at the agency level, provinces and districts.

“Starting this year the Department of Finance and DIRD will now be visiting the provinces and districts ensuring that DSIP and PSIP are well spent according to the plans sent in for funding support.”

Dr Ngangan said the days of those working in provinces and districts having to work without inspection are over.

The Finance Secretary warned that those dealing with public funds will now come under scrutiny to ensure that public funds spent in provinces and districts are well spent and achieve results.

“For those tasked to manage these public funds, expect a visit from us on a regular basis” said Ngangan.

Meantime, Finance Minister James Marape and Secretary Ngangan met with staff at the Finance department on Tuesday, urging them that if major changes are to occur within the department, they need to step up and be on the roll.

A major project, the department will concentrate on for the next two years, is to roll out the IFMS system in all government departments, agencies, provinces and districts.

The Finance Department’s 2018- 2022 Corporate Plan, is another major project to be launched soon as a guide to achieving most of the changes in the department.

Glenda Popot