ENBPA plans legal unit expansion

The East New Britain Provincial Administration is planning to expand its legal services unit.

Deputy ENB Provincial Administrator for Corporate Services, Marakan Uvano, expressed this at the recent workshop on law-making, hosted by the Provincial Autonomy Committee Secretariat.

He said the workshop has prompted the ENBPA to consider the expansion, and there should be a program to assist in this matter.

“Gone are the days when our cultural structures and institutions were able to manage our people and communities. Today these institutions are being questioned, as we have law and order issues,” Uvano said.

He stressed on the need to go back to the laws, to help protect people and communities.

Uvano outlined that though most of these laws are in existence, they are not being fully understood and implemented.

“Today we need to talk about these things, as our leaders at the wards and even public servants are becoming vulnerable. 

“We need to do it before the rule of law becomes non-existent, as we disregarded these laws and through the decades, issues have accumulated and blown up in our faces.”

Uvano further said this program should run closely with the Ward Focus Policy as it will strengthen it, beginning at the ward level where the masses are.

Loop author