Dynamite decapitates fisherman

​A man is dead after his head was blown off in a freak dynamite accident last Saturday in Porebada, Central province.

According to Central police commander, Laimo Asi, the deceased was on a fishing trip with his friends when they set off illegal faulty dynamite that didn’t explode on time.

The deceased decided to dive into the sea to check after a few minutes just as the dynamite went off; police reported that the body of the deceased drifted up minutes later, missing his head.

PPC Asi said while this is a sad situation, it could have been avoided if the men had not resorted to illegal fishing.

Asi is saddened at the incident which caused the death of the man but urged the people to be mindful, and use the right and safe methods for fishing.

(Dynamite file picture taken from wonderopolis.org)

Imelda Wavik