Central police commander

No tolerance for rogue officers: PPC Central

PPC Papoto was speaking in response to the recent police harassment allegations by PMV operators along the Hiritano Highway.

He explained that he will be looking at this case personally and make the appropriate charges once officers are identified.

Earlier this week, PMV operators raised the issue of illegal road checks and large fines charged by police in unmarked vehicles.

Cops suspended for bribery

The Central provincial police commander, Laimo Asi, says the incident took place following a road block last week Friday at the 12mile area along the Sogeri road.

The motorists was pulled over between 5 and 6pm and detained by police after they found that he was driving an unregistered vehicle.

The driver was then taken back to the Central police station at Gordons and intimidated to pay K500 for his release.

PPC Asi says that normal process would have been to have the man arrested and charged for driving an unregistered and uninsured vehicle.

Man on the run for rape

Central police commander Laimo Asi said the man reportedly followed her to the garden on the 6th of September and sexually attacked then killed her.

The man had been watching the girl the day before and had monitored her movements, leading to her attack.

PPC Asi says the girl was buried in a shallow grave near the riverside.

She was discovered by a group of youth on the 14th of September.

Police are now investigating the case, with the community asked to come forward with any information into the whereabouts of the suspect.

Dynamite decapitates fisherman

According to Central police commander, Laimo Asi, the deceased was on a fishing trip with his friends when they set off illegal faulty dynamite that didn’t explode on time.

The deceased decided to dive into the sea to check after a few minutes just as the dynamite went off; police reported that the body of the deceased drifted up minutes later, missing his head.

PPC Asi said while this is a sad situation, it could have been avoided if the men had not resorted to illegal fishing.

Asi calls on drivers to be careful

A vehicle crashed head on with a PMV truck, Sunamist that was travelling to Rigo, Central Province.

Reports stated that the truck hit the smaller vehicle while it was trying to avoid a pothole.

According to the driver of the Camry, he was rushing his wife to the hospital when he tried to avoid the larger truck.

Unfortunately, he turned too late, resulting in the truck crashing into them.

Asi said this accident was avoidable, if the drivers of both vehicles had been careful.

​Community retaliates, kills suspected rapist

According to police reports, 22-year-old Tommy Thomas, from a mixed parentage of Goroka and Buka, allegedly attacked the girl when she was walking home from school on Thursday, 17 May, at 14-Mile, outside the nation’s capital.

Central police commander, Laimo Asi, told Loop PNG that the suspect, in a face mask and armed with a knife, attacked the girl from behind.

“He stabbed her twice but she blocked him off. Another youth, who happened to be nearby, heard the cry from the victim and disturbed the suspect, who fled into hiding.”

Community told to bear with the “Buai trade shut down”

Central Police Commander Laimo Asi said the directive to stop buyers travelling into the area will help deal with the law and order situation faced there.

Recently there has been reported confrontations between buai traders and sellers as well as members of the communities along the Hiritano Highway.

Asi said the roadblocks along the Laloki and Doa areas have been set up to check all vehicles travelling in from Port Moresby and refuse the entry of identified buai buyers.

Police commander commends Central community

Central police Commander Laimo Asi says there have been no major election-related issues in the past month.

Operations with personnel are going well with Asi sighting that the highways will be a major concern given the influx of vehicles conveying in from the city.

He further commended his officers and the community for the joint effort in making the process peaceful and smooth since the start of the pre-election operations.

Asi says all operational orders have been sighted and given out to his respective field commanders.

Central PPC Asi dismissed rumours of rape and killings

According to the post, a young girl was travelling in a bus with six men when she sent a text to the brother who was allegedly a soldier from Goldie Barracks telling him she was in a bus with six other men but she was later raped and killed by the six men.

The brother after receiving the text allegedly waited with some soldiers a turn off section of the highway but when the bus arrived, the girl was nowhere to be found.

It was alleged that the soldiers shot all six men and disposed of their body.