COVID-19 Measures revoked

On 30 March 2023, Police Commissioner and National Pandemic Controller David Manning, announced four new COVID-19 measures to replace all existing measures.

These new measures aim to minimize limitations while supporting the Controller's role in monitoring the COVID-19 environment.

Measure 1 revokes all previous measures and directions, providing a new foundation for the new measures. It cancels all previous measures related to provincial control bodies, travel, price measures, social gatherings, and liquor restrictions.

Measure 2 is a new measure designed to ensure continued situational awareness, providing the Controller with oversight in surges of COVID-19 presentations in larger hospitals and medical facilities.

Measure 3 relates to Customs Duties, enabling the Controller to advise and control on continuing ad-hoc COVID-19 resource procurement activities as they remain relevant.

Measure 4 relates to Price Controls and dictates market price control parameters, with any measures over and above this requiring approval by the lCCC.

The announcement also stated that liquor-related sales have been restored to pre-COVID restrictions, allowing the return of take-away liquor sales on Fridays and Saturdays.

Mr Manning expressed his gratitude, stating: "We have all had to adapt to changes and challenges brought on by this global COVID-19 pandemic. As the Royal Papua New Guinea Constabulary Commissioner and Controller for the National Control Centre for COVID-19, I thank you for contributing towards a safer PNG."

Loop author