Couple on murder charge show up in court

The Waigani National Court has revoked an arrest warrant which it issued on Wednesday for a couple facing murder allegations in court after they showed up in court today.

Olivia Warome and husband Kume Keware appeared before Justice Panuel Mogish on Thursday.

They told the court in the afternoon court session that they were informed of the bench warrants that was issued against them by relatives who read their bench warrant story on the Loop PNG site.

Justice Panuel Mogish commended the media for its role which saw the two accuseds appear in court today.  

The police arresting officer in the case told the court this morning that he was not able to execute the warrant on them because they had moved from the residential address which was provided to the court when they applied for bail.

Warome explained in court that she moved from their previous residence to 8 mile with her husband after he had a motor vehicle accident.

Their case was adjourned to Friday after their brief appearance in court. Both accuseds’ cases are yet to go for trial. That will take place once all court documents are prepared by the state and the lawyers representing them.

The 27 year-old mother of two was arrested and charged on April 30,2015 with wilful murder.

She is facing allegations she stabbed another woman in her sleep at 5mile in Port Moresby on the night of April 18,2015. The woman was stabbed in the presence of her husband, Kume Keware.

She allegedly stabbed the woman after she found her asleep with her husband that night.

Keware (34) was charged in May 2015 with failing to report the death of the woman.

He allegedly failed to report the woman’s death after realising she was dead from the attack. Instead of reporting the matter to police, he allegedly dressed her up, put her body in his office vehicle and drove her to the bush behind the Telikom Rumana building where he dumped her body.

The body was later discovered by the public and taken to the Port Moresby General Hospital.

He surrendered to police on May 3, 2015 after his relatives called and told him to do so.


Sally Pokiton