Christian leaders HIV Summit elaborate on issues

The first HIV Summit for Christian Leaders Alliance on HIV and AIDS second day covered presentations from stakeholders and panel discussions.


There were closed door sessions only for the leaders to elaborate further on these issue and in the end come up with sets of recommendations as a way forward to their response to tackling HIV and GBV related matters in the country.

It is anticipated that from this summit, the outcomes would include understanding the level of active involvement and participation of church leaders in HIV advocacy.

The Summit also recognises Gender Based Violence and sensitive issues or major contributors to HIV transmission, abuse and violation of human rights and a further understanding of context of eliminating punitive and discriminative laws and policies on key populations and how to advocate for an enabling environment for these populations.

It is expected that the Minister for Health and HIV, Michael Malabag will be giving the closing remark to end the summit this evening.

Another notable speaker, NCD Governor Powes Parkop is also expected to present on leadership commitment to addressing HIV and related issues, understanding key populations and working with them using the rights based approach.


Picture: Participants in discussion during the Church Leaders HIV Summit held at Stanley Hotel.