Celebrate life of Somare: Pokawin

Former Manus Governor Stephen Pokawin has called on the nation to celebrate the life of Grand Chief Late Sir Michael Somare.

The sound of the famous Manus Garamut echoed at the Indoor Complex of the Sir John Guise Stadium, as the Manus community entered the haus krai, led by its leaders.

Speaking on behalf of the political leaders, former Manus Governor and Academic Stephen Pokawin said Manus Province joined the rest of the country to honour the Late Grand Chief Sir Michael Somare.

He said the country must celebrate the life of the country’s first Prime Minister.

“We come here not only to mourn. But we also come to celebrate a life. A life which has lived its fullness,” said Pokawin. 

Chief Secretary, Ivan Pomelau, said Sir Michael will never be forgotten and his legacy etched in history.

“The body may decline with age and the spirit becomes weak. But greatness does not age nor diminish, for he is a giant and a giant he shall remain forever. A colossus of our time, his is not just a story but history itself and history will last forever,” said the Chief Secretary.

The Manus community also presented gifts to the Haus Krai paying their respects.

Cedric Patjole