Businessman appeals against conviction

A special fixture hearing date, has been set for the Supreme Court to hear an application, seeking leave of the court to appeal against the conviction of businessman Justin Parker.

His lawyers filed the case, asking the court to hear the appeal, against his conviction of manslaughter that was handed down on May 29 at the Waigani National court.

The appeal is on questions of fact.

He was found guilty on May 29 for unlawfully assaulting Lapan Nason on June 6, 2015, that led to his death two days later.

Parker was convicted for manslaughter, the lesser homicide charge after he stood trial for the charge of wilful murder in the Waigani National Court.  

This appeal was filed in June, after his conviction, pending the court’s sentence.

He was sentenced on August 21, to 13 years in prison by Deputy Chief Justice Sir Gibbs Salika.

Parker’s lawyer also indicated in court today that they will be filing an appeal against his sentence.

Sally Pokiton