Bundi fighting ceases

Fighting between two warring tribes of Bundi in Madang Province has finally ceased.

Peace has been restored following the December 28th clash between the Gegru and Emigari tribes of upper Bundi. This was achieved through a concerted effort between the leaders of the two tribes, Kumura Foundation, Usino-Bundi police and Bundi leaders.

Angia Freddy, leader of the Gegru tribe, demanded K20,000 and three pigs as ‘wari’ pay from the Emigari tribe who burnt down 10 of their houses, including the slaughtering of six of their pigs and looting of properties.

“K7,000 is for the refund of the school fee of the young student that was burnt and K13,000 is for the 10 families whose homes were burnt to ashes,” said Freddy.

Freddy said the K13,000 should cover materials needed for makeshift shelters as well as utensils and beddings that were destroyed in the blaze.

Freddy further acknowledged the presence of the Kumura Foundation team who stepped into the battle site to mediate peace on December 29th.

“We the people of Bundi truly respect the work of Kumura Foundation for what you are doing and trying to do for us. Therefore, although we have declared war on Wednesday December 30 against the Emigari tribe, you stepped in to call for peace so we stopped. Otherwise, we stand ready to retaliate and more houses and lives would have been lost by now.”

The Emigari tribe is given until January 16th to meet the K20,000 wari pay. The Gegru tribe will also serve a ‘brown paper’ or compensation demand to the Emigari tribe for all the damages caused at that time.

Emigari ward councilor, David Gakana, who is also the President of Bundi LLG, accepted the demand on behalf of his tribe.

“I am very sorry for the damages done. Such a thing has never happened in Bundi. Therefore, I accept the demand and will ensure my people take full responsibility for the damages caused,” he assured.

The foundation director, Vincent Kumura, said it was a great community effort in recalling peace.

He called for proper partnership with the Usino-Bundi District Development Authority and the MP to not only address similar issues in future but also to collaborate on community development activities.

“We are asking the office of the MP for Usino-Bundi to work with the foundation in helping the families whose homes were being burnt down and who lost everything accumulated over the years. It is such a remote community and it will take a very long while for these families affected to restore all they have lost.”

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