Foundation mediates peace between warring tribes

The people of remote upper Bundi in Madang Province entered the new year with burnt down homes and numerous injuries.

The Kumura Foundation stepped into the battle site to mediate peace between the warring tribes of Gegru and Emigari.

Founder of the Kumura Foundation, Vincent Kumura, said their mission is to build a better, progressive, and violent free Bundi.

Hence, when the tribal fight occurred between the two tribes on Monday, December 28th, the foundation could not allow more houses to be burnt down, more pigs to be slaughtered, more assets looted and more lives affected.

“We took it as our moral duty to step in to normalise peace between the two warring tribes with no law and order presence,” Kumura stated.

“So on Tuesday, December 29, our team wore the ‘Men of Honour’ peace campaign t-shirts and stepped boldly into the war zone with first aids and basic antibiotics.

“We managed to meet with the two warring tribes to mediate peace, which took us two days until December 30th.

“So far, three men were badly injured from bush knife cuts and are admitted to the Kundiawa General Hospital. Of these, one is from the Gegru tribe and two are from the Emigari tribe. Several more sustained cuts and bruises and were treated by our team.

“Ten houses of the Gegru tribe were burnt down. Nothing was left. The Gegrus claimed that six of their pigs were killed or taken, including other properties that were looted by the Emigaris.”

Furthermore, one of the houses burnt contained K7,000 school fee money, including school certificates for one of the students from Gegru who will be completing his final year at the Holy Trinity Teachers College at Mt Hagen.

“Families and relatives of the young student are demanding that Emigari tribe refund the full amount of K7,000 before January 25th. The Gegru tribe also demanded that Emigari tribe will take full responsibility for starting the trouble and for burning down the houses, slaughtering their pigs and looting their properties,” reported Kumura.

“The Emigari tribe admitted their wrong and are willing to take responsibility for their unlawful actions.

“The Emigari tribe will get back to Gegru tribe in two weeks’ time regarding the school fee. The houses being burnt and other damages will be dealt with after the school fee demand is sorted out.

“The Gegrus are very unhappy. One of their leaders said ‘we fight, but nothing like this in the history of Bundi. They burnt down 10 of our houses and we lost everything. On top of that, they slaughtered our pigs, looted our properties and pooped on our burnt down houses’.”

Kumura said those who lost their homes have nothing to wear or sleep on. Their wives and children are floating and the tribe declared war against Emigari. The Gegru planned on retaliating on December 30th however, timely intervention by the Kumura Foundation prevented further damage.

“It could have been worse, but our team stepped in to restore peace and order.”

The foundation thanked Usino-Bundi MP, Jimmy Uguro, for responding to their call for assistance by sending a team of police force to Yandera, Bundi, to restore normalcy.

Press release