Bongre’s Haus Krai destroyed

In less than a week, Peter and Sinta Anton have not only lost their son, but their home and everything else they own.

The couple’s three-year-old son Bongre Anton passed away last Friday from a rare form of cancer for children – retinoblastoma, which had affected his right eye.

What else could go wrong?

Little Bongre’s family home and haus krai were all burnt down this morning, allegedly by a group of policemen in a form of retaliation.

According to Peter Bongre’s father, a policeman, alleged to be drunk, was beaten up by a group of local boys following an argument.

The police personnel is believed to have returned at 9am with two truckloads of policemen, who then attacked the locals at Yomba Kona, Banana Block in Goroka.

The boys who caused trouble fled the scene. Instead, Peter said seven of his houses, including the haus krai that was set up and neighbouring 5 houses, were all burnt down.

“We were not able to save anything. Money worth K3000 for the haus krai, our belongings, even Bongre’s clothes left behind have all been destroyed.

“I am left with what I’m wearing and my wife is left with only the black mourning clothes she has on,” he said.

Peter said little Bongre’s body was supposed to return home on Wednesday.

“But given the situation, Bongre might stay a little longer in the funeral home. I don’t know what to do now. We are in so much sorrow,” he said.

In the meantime, they have set up a makeshift tent for the haus krai.

Meanwhile, Loop PNG has yet to confirm details from police.

Gloria Bauai