APEC Transport Ministerial meet set for October

In preparation leading up to the APEC Summit in 2018, Papua New Guinea will be hosting the 10th APEC Transport Ministerial Meeting.

The meeting will take place in Port Moresby on October 9 to 13, 2017 with over 20 Ministerial Committees expected to attend.

Chief executive officer of APEC PNG, Christopher Hawkins said APEC’S regional meetings will start in October this year starting off with this Transport Ministerial Meeting that will be held in Alotau.

The hosting of the Transportation Ministerial Meeting will provide the opportunity to advance Transportation issues which are of great concern to the nation and the APEC region.

Ministers will deliberate on issues that are of vital significance to PNG’s economy and the APEC region as a whole.

“These transportation matters are of great importance to the grassroots people of the Asia- Pacific,” says former Minister for Transport and Infrastructure, Malakai Tabar.

Tabar said policy measures discussed at this APEC meeting will include a framework for heavy vehicle safety.

He adds that this is an APEC project that is developing practical measures to reduce road deaths from transport accidents.

“This is an important issue for PNG where too many women, men and children die on our roads.”

He adds that this will have an immediate impact on saving lives in PNG and around the region.

Annette Kora