Aircraft Accident Findings Released

The PNG Accident Investigation Commission (AIC) has released an investigation report on a recent aircraft incident in West New Britain Province.

The AIC made the announcement this week based on the report that the New Tribes Mission (PNG) Limited Kodiak 100 aircraft, sustained structural damage, while flying from Lele Airstrip to Hoskins Airport, West New Britain Province last month.

PNG AIC Acting Chief Commissioner, Captain Aria Bouraga, stated that it is the policy of the AIC to publicly release a preliminary investigation report for each accident or serious incident being investigated 30 days from the occurrence date.

The AIC has established that the aircraft’s Left Upper Wing Root Faring detached in-flight and struck the left horizontal stabilizer, causing damage to its leading edge.

AIC is currently in the process of analyzing and verifying information and evidence relevant to the investigation. This includes flight operation, aircraft systems, performance, airworthiness, maintenance and serviceability, weather and organizational aspects to the appropriate extent.

All relevant information will be published in the final investigation report.


Loop Author