PNG Accident Investigation Commission (AIC)

Commission clarifies role in fatal accidents

Namani said: “The AIC is the Nation’s agency mandated to conduct independent no-blame aircraft accident investigations to determine why an accident or serious incident happened and make findings and recommendations for preventing similar accidents in the future. It is independent of all regulatory and judicial authorities, and service providers.

“I also want to recognise the independence of the State Coroner in the investigation of deaths in aircraft accidents. The Police assist the Coroner and provide a report to the Coroner on the death.

AIC investigation team in Chuuk

Minister for Civil Aviation, Alfred Manase, said two investigators arrived in Chuuk 22 hours following the incident and immediately commenced assisting the FSM investigation team.

Minister Manase said as per the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) Annex 13 Standards, the FSM have allowed for the PNG AIC Investigation team to participate in the investigation.

He said the two member team arrived in Chuuk on Saturday 29th September at 8 am and immediately began investigation with FSM officials.