48 police officers arrested: N’Dranou

Forty-eight police officers have been arrested by the Policing the Police Task Force Team since October last year.

“Some of them have been convicted, others are still pending trial,” stated Chief Superintendent Perou N’Dranou.

Of the 48, three are currently under investigation, says the NCD Metropolitan Superintendent.

“Once again, the team is doing very well.”

The Metropolitan Superintendent clarified that while the task force team deals with criminal issues, the Internal Investigation Unit has also noted a marked improvement in disciplinary matters within the force.

He said in 2018, they had received 228 complaints against members of the force, where 130 files have been completed and sent to the police headquarters.

“And we’ve been told that many of these that were sent, they were approved on our recommendation. That means if I recommend for termination, that would be supported and approved because they’ve made the decision.

“Adjudication of the offence and charge are made by people outside of my jurisdiction – the Internal Affairs Directorate who set it up for endorsement by the top hierarchies,” clarified N’Dranou.

“So all in all, while it is in its early days yet, I am pleased with the performance of our police officers.

“There’s a marked reduction in disciplinary issues as well as criminal issues since the establishment of the Policing the Police Team in October 2018.”

He further said the task force team’s investigations have uncovered many police personnel who should have been terminated a long time ago but have been hiding in the system.

N’Dranou added that the Gordon-based team’s efforts have deterred police officers from getting involved in criminal activities.

Carmella Gware