‘People are really scared’

The effects of the earthquake that hit Hela and Southern provinces are widespread.

From communication with locals in the area, this newsroom has gathered that:

Siane Falls village in the Bosavi area, Southern Highlands, reported four collapsed buildings, while most of their houses are on the verge of falling down. 

Landslides were experienced there but thankfully, no deaths. 

All Soro Moro people gathered at the supermarket as of 10pm last night. There has been heavy rain, thunder and lightning, but no wind. 

“People are really scared,” Loop PNG was told.

There are some students who are not from the Kutubu area that are hungry and stranded in a shelter on a hill away from Kutubu High School, as their classrooms and dormitories are all damaged.

Updated information from Daga village, SHP, reported 3 deaths with 98 percent of the houses in the village destroyed. The two hausman in Daga 1 and 2 are still standing, even though some of the posts were split during the earthquake.

The situation at Inu continues. Everything has been destroyed, the people are still stranded and are relying on food stock from a local canteen. The lake water has stopped rising, but locals fear the worst is yet to come.

(Picture supplied by Isaac Haboro Baiabo)

Gloria Bauai