​Evidence in Parker trial closed

​The Waigani National Court will hear submissions on a verdict today from Justin Parker’s lawyers and the state, following the close of trial yesterday.

All evidence that will be considered by the court from witnesses closed yesterday afternoon.

Trial judge and Deputy Chief Justice Sir Gibbs Salika will now proceed to hear submissions from Parker’s lawyers and the state on the evidence they provided in court since Monday.

The state called eight witnesses in its case, these included the late Lapan Nason’s daughter, who is the state’s key witness, four medical doctors, two colleagues of Nason, the arresting officer and a forensic photographer.

Parker and a medical professor from Australia are the only two witnesses called by Defence to give evidence in court.

Parker is accused to have caused grievous bodily harm to Lapan Nason on June 6, 2015, which resulted in his death two days later.

Nason was then employed as his chief aircraft engineer at the time the assault took place.

Sally Pokiton