Passam celebrates independence

Passam National School of Excellence in East Sepik province didn’t have a formal program for celebration but that didn’t stop the students from have a fun day to celebrate the 45th Independence anniversary on Wednesday 16th September.


Students organized different sports games and competed in their house teams, green, yellow, red and blue.  

The students did not wear their normal house team attires on this day but all were encouraged to wear PNG colour attire to depict the occasion.

The head girl for 2020-2021 Jena Kum expressed what independence means to her and what it means to the National School of Excellence.

“Being independent means to rely on oneself, not depending on other factors for survival. It is important for us at our level as students, to understand what being independent means.”

Kum acknowledged that through schooling, students learn about the history of the country which includes learning about the former Governor for Easter Sepik Grand Chief Sir Michael Thomas Somare as one of founding fathers of the nation. 

“Being in this institution, as a national high, students come from all over Papua New Guinea, but here we do not see them as from other regions but we are together here is Papua New Guineans and unite as one.” Kum said.

She added that having students from all the regions gives the confidence that anyone can be a representative of Papua New Guinea.

Celebrations ended with the winners of the sports competitions being awarded. Green house came first place and received a carton of ice cream, with red house at 2nd place, blue house 3rd and yellow house in 4th place. 

The rest of the houses received 2 cartons of cookies each.

Frieda Kana