Wanted: PA to the Duchess

Fancy a new job?

Because the Duchess of Cambridge is looking for a new private secretary.

Her current assistant, 34-year-old Rebecca Deacon, is stepping down from the role in the Summer after 10 years of service to the Royal family.

So what skills does it take to look after Kate's affairs?

Newsbeat has put together a job spec for anyone looking to submit their CV.

Very organised

The successful candidate will be expected to manage Kate's diary.

And as one of the most popular women in the world, she goes to hundreds of events.

So, be prepared to have a lot on the go and be able to juggle it all.

Time management

So, you'll get to sit on some of the most sought-after seats (think Wimbledon, the Baftas, Six Nations, international fashion shows etc).

But it's not just a jolly.

Expect to have book limousines, first class flights abroad and liaise with posh accommodation.

You must make sure Kate always gets to the ball.

She must not be early, but never late.

Good memory and communication skills

Kate needs to be impeccably briefed on who she will meet at her various engagements.

Everyone knows her, but the chances are she won't know everyone else.

I mean, there are lots of people in the Royal Family.

She simply cannot make any faux pas. Leave that to the father-in-law.

Dress code

This is important. You must complement the Duchess but never, ever upstage her.

You will need to enjoy smart attire including the classic court shoe, designer sunglasses and a selection of scarves.

Royals don't often do casual, but when they do, a hair mustn't be out of place.

You are the PA to the Duchess after all. It's time to dress the part.

Working well under pressure

You'll need to carry the gifts Kate is showered with.

But you won't be able to dump them in a plastic carrier bag, so get used to getting a grip on cuddly toys and bouquets.

Be fast, discreet and prepared to deal with a lot of distraction.

You might even have to regulate the volume of selfie requests.

Positive attitude

The happiest part of the job?

Prepare to deal with an overload of cuteness every day when organising the diaries of the mini Royals, Prince George and Princess Charlotte.

Imagine shopping for matching snowsuits, vintage waistcoats and charming knitwear.

And be ready to colour co-ordinate those play dates with cousins.