Successful cancer awareness at PNG Games

The PNG Cancer Foundation successfully completed day one of a two-day community cancer education & awareness program in Kimbe.

The program, in partnership with the West New Britain Provincial Health Authority, consisted of free cancer prevention workshops for the public and athletes attending the 2017 PNG Games.

Over 300 participants attended the workshops that ran throughout the day at the PNG Games Venue.

The workshops were conducted by PNG Cancer Foundation health educators Naomi Gima and Loyla Matthews.

The presentations focused on what cervical, breast and mouth cancer is and signs & symptoms to look out for.

Participants attending the workshop also learnt simple ways to prevent themselves from developing these cancers through early prevention and detection.

The workshops were mobile and moved between the different team tents.

Athletes from different provinces attending the games were also encouraged to be mindful of other lifestyle habits that increase their risk of cancer.

Sophie Yaruso