St John’s to run first paramedics training

The St John’s Ambulance in Port Moresby will carry out its first paramedics training program in Papua New Guinea.

The program will commence on July 10 at the ambulance headquarters, and will run for six weeks and includes additional two weeks’ placement at the Port Moresby General Hospital.

Participants will have hands-on experience in the maternity wards, emergency department and in the operating theatre.

They will be taught advanced airway management to be able to help reduce the main complications of health care for everyday people in the community.

St John’s Ambulance chief officer Matt Cannon said they have identified some health extension officers that will be transitioned and receive higher paramedic training.

“Paramedics across the world provide emergency medical treatments at patients’ doorstep and at the scene of accidents, they provide vital pain relief.

“We want to be able to provide that emergency care as well,” he said.

Coupled with that will be the first-ever emergency medical technician intermediate qualification program that will be tailored for specific needs of the PNG health system, delivered in partnership with PMGH. 

Quintina Naime