Manusians take lead to buy ECG monitor

Patriotic Manusians in Port Moresby have taken the lead to initiate a fundraising drive to purchase much-needed equipment for the Lorengau General Hospital.

The hospital does not have an electrocardiograph monitor (ECG monitor).

This machine measures the electrical activity of the heart to show whether or not it is working normally. An ECG records the heart's rhythm and activity on a moving strip of paper or a line on a screen.

The idea to purchase the monitor came about after musician Kenny Lucas’ referral from Lorengau for checkup at Port Moresby General Hospital Sir Buri Kidu Heart Institute in February.

Discussions on the Facebook page “Manus issues” led to the initiative being driven in Port Moresby. 

A senior judge of the National and Supreme Court, Justice George Manuhu, and a group of like-minded individuals, gathered in Port Moresby over the weekend to put that idea into reality.

They have set a target of K25,000 to raise following consultations with the Lorengau General Hospital CEO.

“In that meeting, we agreed that each LLG should contribute K1,000 towards the fundraising,” Manuhu said.

Contributions have started coming in.

“We expect each LLG sons and daughters to take the initiative to do your own fundraising. The top shots are encouraged to take ownership of this drive and give your contributions.

 “Our target is K25,000 but if we have excess funds, our hospital needs other equipment too,” he added.

“As there is no objection against my personal account to be used in the interim, my account details are:

Acc Name: George Manuhu

Bank Branch: BSP Waigani Drive

BSB # 088 968 Acc # 7012974411

“Those from Manus who are willing to assist the group in this cause can make deposits to the account details above.”

It is understood steps are being taken to employ specialists at the hospital in Lorengau to operate the ESG monitor.

Sally Pokiton