KTF completes Making Books workshop in two provinces

The Kokoda Track Foundation (KFT) has been confidently and steadily spreading its projects throughout the country.

Key projects include teacher traininghealth infrastructuremicro businesses and leadership programs.

As part of the ongoing projects, the foundation last week completed two successful workshops on Making Books – one in Tufi, Northern  Province and another in Morobe Province.

These workshops were tailored to support its existing Teach for Tomorrow and ongoing Professional Development short courses it runs for teachers in communities.

Making Books workshop equips teachers with necessary skills to write stories with their students that are culturally relevant.  

Two teams led by two extraordinary PNG writers, Rashmii Amoah Bell and Leila Parina, delivered the three-day short-course workshops at Sefoa Primary School in Tufi, Northern  Province.

Key theme chosen was gender equality and empowerment, as it was central to the works of Bell and Parina who recently launched a collection of short stories from PNG women writers titled My Walk to Equality (Pukpuk Publication, 2017) in Australia and PNG.

The workshop in Morobe was part of the six weeks Teach for Tomorrow program.

Whilst the Making Books workshops in both provinces have finished, the Teach for Tomorrow program is still in progress and soon to be finished with 500 teacher to graduate.

Gloria Bauai