Jules Collins is official jeweller for World Supermodel PNG

Jewellery is ones passion translated through art and worn by another and it takes one special mind to do this.

One name in PNG for breathing life into rocks is Jules Collins.

She was born in the Highlands of PNG but made her name down-south, designing contemporary jewellery for jewellery lovers in Australia since 1994.

Her brand Jules Collins expanded throughout the South Pacific and South East Asia with the opening of her first store in Port Moresby in 2015.

Collins is the official jeweller for the World Supermodel PNG, who unveiled two crowns for the pageant today, May 7.

Collins also has a new jewellery range Jay & Sea, which is inspired by her special association with the culture and beauty of her homeland PNG, in the mystical South Pacific. 

“Jay and Sea is a jewellery range created for everyone - no matter who you are, at a price you can afford,” Collins states.

Generally, Collins strives to create superb designs with in-house craftsmanship delivers stunning, accessible collections from only the very finest materials – created for people everywhere who love fashion and beauty.