Fire safety advise for this festive season

The festive period brings with it a variety of Christmas decorative lights and Bill Roo, Chief of fire service has warned on this.

His advice is for people to be very selective when purchasing these products, as they could be potential fire hazards.

He said during many sub-standard or fake products are on the market at this time.

“Be very cautious and selective on what to buy. Look carefully at the fittings, designs and the manufacturing details.

“Avoid those with tiny connections, wirings and adaptors. These tend to heat up and melt, and can cause fire,” he said.

A similar warning was given regarding fireworks or firecrackers.

He said the ones sold on the streets especially were not safe and particularly dangerous to kids.

“So to avoid disaster during the time of celebrations, take heed of this warning. We don’t want to be mourning instead of celebrating,” he said.

Roo also took time to thank the public for their support over the year 2017.

“Merry Christmas and a prosperous new year 2018. God Bless!”



Gloria Bauai