e-mental health support assistance

Theodist Stationery has stepped in to provide mental health psycho-social support for PNG through e-mental health.

With the e-learning assistance, Theodist enabled the Ministry of Health Directorate for Social Change and Mental Health Services to hold a virtual conference with mental health nurses around the country at the end of February 2021.

Dr. Uma Ambi, director of the social change directorate, explained that it is important to reach the people who need psychiatric services in the provinces during this time of COVID-19 precautions.

She thanked the CEO of Theodist Limited in assisting with e-mental health support.

“Mental health is very, very important. It includes our emotional, psychological and social wellbeing. It impacts everybody, at some stage, some shape and form. It affects how we think, view, act. It also helps us to determine how we express ourselves.”

Theodist CEO, Kumar Baliah, said in this current challenge of COVID-19, doctors and health facilities are facing a lot of resource challenges, therefore business sectors are trying to do what they can to support the initiatives.  

Dr. Wilbur Los Vati, CEO Laloki Psychiatric Hospital, said doctors at Laloki were unable to reach other mentally affected patients outside of Port Moresby and this assistance from Theodist was a timely gesture.

“During this pandemic, especially us at the Laloki Institute, we are unable to reach out to the rest of the nation…so with this e-mental health services we will be able to follow up with the patients we discharge from the hospital and assist them with mental health care.”

Dr. Ambi reiterated the mental counselling line for anybody needing assistance. The number is 7907 4944.

Frieda Kana