Tories to be largest party - exit poll

Britain's Conservative Party will be the largest party but may not have a majority after the UK's snap general election, an exit poll says.

The survey taken at polling stations across the UK suggests the party could get 314 MPs when all the votes have been counted after Thursday's poll.

Labour would get 266, the Lib Dems 14, UKIP none and the SNP 34, the NOP/Ipsos MORI poll for BBC/ITV/Sky suggests.

The pound fell sharply in value after the exit poll was published.

Early results are suggesting a swing to Labour - but it is too early to say whether the exit poll is accurate.

Veteran Conservative MP Ken Clarke said he believed his party would have a "small overall majority" when all the votes have been counted.

The final election results are expected by Friday lunchtime (local time).

A total of 650 Westminster MPs will be elected, with about 45.8 million people entitled to vote. A party needs 326 seats to have an overall majority.

Prime Minister Theresa May - who had a small majority in the previous parliament - called the snap election to try to strengthen her hand in negotiations with the European Union on Brexit.

But if the exit poll is borne out by results, analysts say the PM will have made a serious miscalculation.

The pound fell sharply after the exit poll as traders had been expected a clear victory for Mrs May's party with an overall majority in the House of Commons.