Cyclone Yasa aftermath: 'widespread destruction'

Tropical Cyclone Yasa has dropped to a category 1, but four people are confirmed dead, and an aid worker says it has left some islands looking like a warzone.

While the cyclone had weakened to a category 1 during Saturday afternoon, the disaster management office confirmed the death toll had risen to four. And it had caused widespread damage since hitting Fiji on Friday, particularly in the northern areas and the island of Vanua Levu.

Save the Children Fiji chief executive Shairana Ali said Kia Island, north of Vanua Levu had "basically been completely devastated".

"Judging by the pictures it looks like it's a warzone. We don't know yet if there are injuries," she said.

"The majority of the people are reporting that they have lost their livelihood, their source of livelihood."

Many of the northern islands, like Vanua Levu, were home to farming communities whose economy relied heavily on the land.

Ali said plants had been stripped away by the storm, "crops have been destroyed, and they've also lost their livestock."

People living on surrounding islands, in areas like Suva on the island of Viti Levu, were already starting to mobilise to help the people affected.

"There is a sense of care from those on Viti Levu," she said.

"Majority of people on this island, they're banding together now, there is a lot of appeals going up, people are organising relief items to be sent across immediately."

Neighbours on the worst affected islands were also supporting their neighbours, trying to provide shelter wherever they could.