Jack-Of-All-Trades, Celestine Marion Kabilu

Quite the resourceful go-getter, Celestine Marion Kabilu, is a baker, a printer/closed circuit television & computer fixer, graphics designer, an event decorator, and has even represented Papua New Guinea in rugby union.

She has managed to rack up an impressive resume of work experience and all before reaching the tender age of 25, proving that it truly is mind over matter.

Now an Information Systems and Telecommunications (IST) intern with TotalEnergies EP PNG limited, Celestine explains that when she had been unsuccessful in securing a full-time position in 2021, she was determined not to waste any opportunity that came her way. 

Throughout the span of 2021, she served as a babysitter, an In-Plan Training Secretary at DBTI, a Printing Operation and Customer Service officer at Star Office Works and an IT officer with Food Pro PNG Limited.

Having completed two internships with Digitech in 2018 & NiuSky Pacific earlier in 2019, she managed to juggle school work and her receptionist position at Trends Beauty while attending Don Bosco Technical Institute (DBTI) in 2020.

“While I was working for those companies, I was also doing events decorations and IT freelancing. I have decorated weddings, birthdays, school graduation ceremonies, baby showers and was featured in City Pharmacy’s first ever baby Registration Promotion,” she said.  

“When I didn’t have anything to do, I just did markets outside my house, selling betelnut, smoke, flex cards and can drinks - within a week I would make K900,” she added. 

Born and raised in Port Moresby, from a mixed parentage of Bougainville, Gulf and Central Province, the 25-year-old is the last of six children and has lived most of her life in and around the city.  

She attended St Therese’s Primary School in Badili, from kindergarten through to grade 8, then attended Port Moresby Grammar School (Pom Grammar), graduating in 2016.

Originally dreaming of being a teacher, it was her IT teacher at Pom Grammar, a former DBTI student, who encouraged and inspired her to pursue a career in the field.

“I had the lowest grades in IT when I first started but when I saw that I was improving my IT skills, that’s when it hit me – I knew that I was an IT person,” she recalls.

Pom Grammar was also where her interest in Rugby union was piqued. Initially, she joined the school rugby team, then moved over to Crusader Rugby Union club and Nova, and from there was selected to play with the Novettes, playing with them since. 

“I am a committed rugby union player. I put in the time for training and am always there for the games and in 2022 I feel like that paid off when I was selected to join the Cassowaries to represent PNG in New Zealand and Australia,” she said.

Graduating from DBTI in 2020 with a diploma in Information, Communication & Technology (ICT), she had to defer her graduation the following year owing to her injuries sustained from rugby.

“So, when it was time for my final exams (in 2019), three days before the exam, I broke my leg during a rugby game and then I found out my appendix had burst,” she shares breaking into a laugh. 

She is grateful for all her different jobs and the new skills that she picked up along the way such as how to bake pies while with Food Pro and how to fix food printing machines.

“It’s something outside my scope and I like to learn any trade that is given to me. When I was working with them (Food Pro), I learned how to bake, how to make pastries, how to pack pies and troubleshoot and configure pie machines and weighing scales,” she said.

“My experience here at TotalEnergies is completely different from all my previous experiences. Working as an intern is a blessing and a great opportunity, offering good exposure for me,” she added.

“Everything was new for me and I am fascinated by all the new things I am learning from my time here. I am proud of my team because of their hearty welcome and continuity of knowledge sharing,” she shares.

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