Everyday People PNG : Luaina Vao

Right now I’m just at home. I’m not in school or working but this APEC thing is happening so my brother asked for my help to assist him in his exhibit.

I was in school but then things didn’t work out the way I planned. I was at UPNG doing second year law but before I reached third year I didn’t make it through.

Richard Mark is my brother and he owns the Sup na Kumu SME. I volunteered to help my brother because I was inspired by his business idea, his passion for cooking. I myself love cooking. I’m like the chef at home.

Apart from cooking my brother Richard likes to inspire the people around him to improve themselves to be better versions of themselves. So with his business he taught me that school is not the only means for you to earn a living. He said with a degree or certificate or whatever qualifications you have, you can also have business on the side, even for working people. For some people, what they earn is not enough to carry them through to the (next) fortnight.

So instead of staying at home I decided to help him out and I learnt about this SME week; how to start a business and just to do anything out there and not restricting (or) confining yourself. I just realized that there are so many opportunities all around us but we have to go and get it ourselves instead of waiting for people to spoon feed us. I wasn’t that confident in coming out in public and speaking to so many people but my brother just literally threw us (out there) and told us to be confident and talk.

After this is over, besides the business part of things, I can see that SME week is not only about business but also about developing confidence in oneself, in myself. I am very happy to have attended this SME week. 

Frieda Kana