Everyday People: John Junior Tekwie

John Junior Tekwie from Sundown Province is a fitness professional who runs his own business by providing personal fitness training.

I run my own small business by training people, physically. Currently I am one of the strength and conditioning coaches for PNG Rugby Union national team.

I am a certified and experienced fitness professional. I did my studies in Australia, UK and also in the US where I was working. I was one of the first PNG’s fitness professionals to work abroad on an international cruise liner in the US in 2017.

When I came back home I’ve been working alongside small fitness groups here in Port Moresby while running my own small business through personal training. My business is mobile so I just go to where I have interested clients, those ones who have signed up with me.

I go to their location and I train them there, whether it’s at their home, office, gym or a park somewhere or here at the Ela Beach.

I have my own set of equipment I take to them so I customize training programmes for them, which can run for a minimum of three months up to nine months depending on the individual, what they want, their fitness and their health goal.

My clients contact me just by word of mouth as I’m still in the process of establishing myself legally. I have signed up with PNGIPA and going about the process of signing up with IRC, so things are done properly and I can fully operate as a professional fitness trainer.  

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