Everyday People: Angela Moitai

My name is Angela Moitai. I am from Rigo District in Central Province. I am a market vendor in Boroko Market.

After Completing grade 10 at Mt Diamond Secondary back in 2013, 
I was unable to continue my education because of School Fee funding so my mum had asked me to help her sell fruits & vegetables here in Boroko Market to make ends meet. 

We sell Coconuts, Ripe Banana, Pineapple and Avocado. Being a market vendor has helped my family & I alot over the years. 

In a week, we make between about K400 to K500 in total. What we earn helps us out with rent, school fee, hospital and even food on a daily basis. 

As a young female who is unemployed, being a market vendor may be tough if you're a first timer but eventually, you will be glad of its outcome. Through marketing, you will enjoy life just like an ordinary employed person.

Loop Author