Market Vendor

Everyday People: Tunis Ben - Buai Vendor

My husband and I now run a little canteen just opposite the Boroko Market. 

Back then, living in the Nations Capital was tough. My husband and I were not employed and we needed to make ends meet in order to take care of our little family. That was why we started off as a simple buai and smoke vendors. At times, we got harassed by the NCD City Rangers but this has not stopped us from selling. We continued selling till we reached our profit of K1,300. 

Everyday People : Agnes Lam

I live at Tete in Gerehu but I come to Boroko and do my marketing. 

The peanut I am selling comes all the way from Mt Hagen. I get my relatives up in Hagen to buy them from the locals there and transport it to Lae. From the Lae Port, the bags of peanut are then shipped down to NapaNapa, Port Moresby.
One stock feed sized bag roughly cost me about K300 when its peanut season. When its not peanut season, a bag cost about K380 - K480. 

Despite this, I earn at least K300 to K400 a week. 

Everyday People: Angela Moitai

After Completing grade 10 at Mt Diamond Secondary back in 2013, 
I was unable to continue my education because of School Fee funding so my mum had asked me to help her sell fruits & vegetables here in Boroko Market to make ends meet. 

We sell Coconuts, Ripe Banana, Pineapple and Avocado. Being a market vendor has helped my family & I alot over the years. 

In a week, we make between about K400 to K500 in total. What we earn helps us out with rent, school fee, hospital and even food on a daily basis.