X Factor is back (with a bit of de javu)

X Factor returns to TV screens this weekend for its 14th series, with some major shake-ups in its format.

There are fewer live shows this year, with more episodes focusing on auditions and bootcamp stages.

Also, Simon Cowell is encouraging entrants to perform more original songs during their auditions.

But despite these changes, some of what the stars of the show have been saying sounds remarkably familiar.

Here's what Louis Walsh, Nicole Scherzinger and Dermot O'Leary had to say - and how they caused a minor sense of deja vu.

This will be the best year ever for The X Factor

Some people think the seventh series of The X Factor, in 2010 was the show's best.

Matt Cardle won the show, with One Direction, Rebecca Ferguson and Cher Lloyd also appearing.

But Louis Walsh thinks this year will be even better.

"We've had a brilliant season so far," he told Newsbeat.

"We've got some very original, different talent. The bar is that high. The talent is higher than other years if I'm honest with you."

But he also said something remarkably similar in 2011.

"The talent level is better than ever, the good ones are some of the best we've ever seen and the bad ones are some of the worst we've seen," he told The Daily Mail, ahead of the season where Little Mix beat Marcus Collins and Amelia Lily to victory.

You never know what's going to happen next

Dermot O'Leary returned to the show in 2016, bringing his dancey entrances and tight-fitting chinos with him.

And after years as the host of the show, he says he is still surprised by what happens on stage.

"The reason I still love doing it, you never know who's coming round the corner," he says about the 2017 series.

"You get these great characters, we celebrate British eccentrics and then as the show goes on you celebrate the potential of potentially great artists."

But his words are very similar to what Nick Grimshaw had to say about the show when he was a member of the judging panel.

"You don't know what's going to happen and you don't know how it's going to turn out," he said in 2015.

"Someone will mention their dog and Simon will talk about dogs for 20 minutes. Or a crash helmet for a dog. You never know what's going to happen and I think that's really good."

Nicole really cares about her acts. Really really cares

Both Louis Walsh and Dermot O'Leary agree - Nicole Scherzinger is the hardest working judge on the X Factor.

"If I was a contestant I'd probably want Nicole because she probably works hardest and is most focused," says Dermot.

"Nicole is the best judge I've ever worked with. She works so hard behind the scenes," says Louis.

"Everything I do, whether it's recording a song, a workout or this I put 110% percent because I care," says Nicole.

"I love my job as a mentor so my job is to bring out the absolute best in these people as artists and as humans."

But the singer already showed us all how much she cared in 2013 when she stormed backstage during the bootcamp stage of the show to tell off her category.

"Please don't waste my time because I care too much."

Don't mess with Nicole.

Everyone loves the novelty acts

Honey G proved the most divisive contestant on the 2016 series of the show, so if you were a fan of the rap skills of Anna Georgette Gilford, then hopefully this year will not disappoint.

"They're different. We look forward to those acts," says Louis Walsh.

"If everybody's singing big ballads it gets a bit boring."

And his words sound remarkably similar to Sharon Osbourne's in 2016, when she spoke in support of Honey G and her eight week run on the show.

"Love her or hate her people still want to see what she's going to do next week," she told The Sun.

"This is a singing contest but it's also there for entertainment."

This year's show will reportedly feature a female singing monk - but Louis Walsh wasn't so keen.

"I didn't love her as much as everybody else, if you to know the truth," he says.

"The other judges loved her; I got a bit bored with her."

The X Factor is on Saturday, 8pm on ITV.