Vigilante thanks fans for support at Yu Em Khax finals

Those who watched the Yu Em Khax season one grand-final on Sunday night will remember this group of boys who came out with a knife dancer in a dimly lit theater room.

For the first few seconds, Izzy stands in front of his dance crew, swinging the knife in between both hands, as fierce like a warrior.

The room lights up and Vigilante breaks into traditional dance moves synchronising then forms a pyramid moving forward.

Reaching the stage front, the group then transit into a more modern routine, bringing flips and spins and incorporating acrobatic shapes in between.

As the name says it, they took the stage, killed their moves, had fun, and took out K5000 in third place.

But interestingly, the crew never existed until last year and has taken part in only two other competitions prior to Yu Em Khax.

“So we were not expecting to come third, although we did go with the intention to. But all the other performance were even better, so we really were shocked when they called us out,” T-Banz said.

With two days remaining to the grand-finale, the boys from Rakatani Street – Tokarara, finalised their dance routine and had only four days of actual full routine practice.

Expecting to be the last performance, they were shocked to find that they were the first act of the night.

It was indeed their best ever and the win has sparked another fire in them.

“We will keep the group going. We aim to teach the younger kids and see the name Vigilante live on,” Onzic said, with Izzy adding that this was just the beginning.

Vigilante dedicates the win to the fans and will formally thank their street mates who came in numbers throughout the semi-final and grand-final to support them.

Gloria Bauai