Siassi Heritage resumes project

In 2013, a band from Morobe province, Siassi Heritage, recorded the guide to their 5th album with CHM.

But the album was never completed, says Russel Nakayo, band founder.

“We saw that the market was not good. There was a lot of piracy and even the royalty payments were not good…so we dropped the project,” he said.

Four years on, the band sees a bigger responsibility and the need to complete this album.

“Our music is more traditional than modern. It has a story to tell. So this time, we’re doing it not because of money, but because we want our ancestors’ story to live on.

“Our music will be the archive of our history for generations later to refer to,” he said.

Nakayo said most musicians these days are more concerned about making a name and money and don’t care about traditional contemporary music.

Along with band manager Tom Molo and fellow bandmate Reuben Malako, the group have resumed the project.

This album will hold the same flavour of music but with added modern elements.

The group has also recorded under APRA to copyright their songs.

Siassi Heritage will be performing alongside fellow artist dAdiigii on September 2 at the Morobe Nite at Cosmopolitan.

Gloria Bauai