Senior Musician condemns violent video

A senior musician has come out publically condemning the violence portrayed by young musicians in a video circulated on social media.

Chairman of the West New Britain Music Association, Tazzy Metta, said the Association totally condemns the act of violence towards a human being and a fellow musician. 

The music Industry in PNG is a struggling one with many musicians going out their own way, appearing in concerts or fundraisers to make money.

Those who make it, have many fans looking up to them and admiring their talents but fans can break them as well.

Papua New Guineas on the social media platform “Facebook” are now calling on all radio stations to pull down songs sung by the band Wild Pack.

This follows a video that has gone viral showing a band member of Wild Pack badly bashing another musician identified as Ragga Siai.

Wild Pack is famously known for its Kimbe Lewa song, while Ragga Siai is the talent behind the song Private Nangu.

Both have collaborated in the Tavile Nakanai song, making it one of the most popular and favourite hits.

The video shows the attacker punching and cursing his helpless victim, while three other boys look on and another recording the violent act, without any attempt of stopping the attacker.

The one filming finally intervenes, 52 seconds later which allowed the victim to escape.

While the cause of the fist fight is unknown, many have condemned it, including the Chairman of the West New Britain Music Association, Tarzzy Metta.

Tarzzy Metta, is a senior Musician and Music Teacher that entered the Music industry in the 90’s and has helped in his own way to build the Music Industry.

“It is even sadder to know that after the violence was committed, the victim was further humiliated by posting the video on social media.”

“Furthermore, the type of language used by the perpetrators is derogatory of our sisters and our mothers,” he added.

Being a professional musician and making a career out of it, Tarzzy Metta says the response of the public to this violence is very humiliating for him as a Musician.

Meanwhile the family of the victim have indicated through social media posts that, the matter has been reported to police.

Charmaine Poriambep