Tkatchenko: Too many lies against me

There are too many lies and defamatory remarks levelled against me in this election, says Justin Tkatchenko.

The current Moresby South MP said rival candidates from a particular province are attacking him personally, and also spreading lies when campaigning in the electorate.

Tkatchenko challenged rival candidates to campaign on their policies and let the people select their candidate preferences.    

He said he has never experienced these derogatory remarks against him in the previous two elections he contested.      

Meanwhile, Tkatchenko clarified that he has not had police escort during his campaign rallies in the last seven weeks.    

“I have no police officers with me at all.

“I go around with my own boys from the electorate,” the People’s National Congress Party candidate said.

Moresby South is one of the three electorates in the National Capital District.

Charles Yapumi