Smooth election operations in ENB

Election operations in East New Britain have been running smoothly and as anticipated by local police.

Provincial Police Commander, Joseph Tabali, told Loop PNG that there has not been any disruption of any sort in regards to the elections.

“We have not had any major incidents relating to the elections and I believe we won’t be having any leading up to the polling and the declaration of seats,” Tabali said.

He adds that the campaign period has been slow with not so much activities by candidates and supporters as expected.

Tabali called on the local media to help pass the message out to the general public and candidates of ENB to respect each other during these last couple of days of campaigning.

He said a candidates’ forum was hosted by local police along with more awareness in both Rabaul and Kokopo.

“Minor incidents like candidates using defamatory language and scolding other candidates have been dealt with less police interference on the supporters and candidates. Candidates should not intimidate other candidates to instigate trouble,” Tabali added.

Police presence at towns and bus stops, although not required, will continue as part of the election operations in the province, until the declaration of the seats.

Annette Kora