Maru confident PNC to form new government

Spirit is high in the Peoples National Congress Party to return and rule for another 5 years.

Trade, Commerce and Industry Minister Richard Maru is optimistic many of the sitting Members of Parliament will be returned to form the government in July.    

“I have absolutely no doubt, PNC has 60 members (MPs), even if we lose half and 30 of the current members win, PNC will form the government again,” Maru told Loop PNG.

The local MP for Yangoru – Saussia is over confident that he had done enough to be given the mandate to return for his second term.       

“People in this country, and Yangoru – Saussia must not forget that PNC formed this government with 27 members last time, the second party with the highest number of candidates, then was THE party with 15, now they are down to 4, when they left (to join) the opposition,”Maru said.

“There is no strong party that will compete against PNC in this coming election, and I have no doubt PNC will win.

“And it’s important for Yangoru – Saussia that they support a PNC candidate, because PNC will form government and we must be in the government again with the ruling party.

“Because that is the only way, I can assure that they will see more services delivered in the next 5 years.”                

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Charles Yapumi